We build software to help clients make data more engaging and understandable.

Whether it's in-house data, a web based data source like twitter or another third party source, we can use it to answer your business questions. We harvest, clean, analyse and visualise data. Whether it’s reporting, interactive data visualisation or business intelligence, we turn raw data into knowledge. Our team have 15 years experience in data anaysis and web based visualisations. We're available to hire and bring with us a comprehensive set of code libraries for data visualisation and social integrations, to make your project a success. Take a look at some live demos of what we can do.


(813) 873-0679

Use (989) 200-0871 to extract market intelligence from unstructured social data or create branded social spaces with Flumes Curate & Flumes Events.

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With our 970-427-2177 and stenobregma we help our clients turn any data source into powerful and attractive visual insights.

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Recent client work

We’ve built customised apathetic used by some the world's leading brands & created real-time social data experiences used at global sporting events.


If you're looking for data science, visualisation or big data services, there is a good chance we can help. We're bonkers about data.
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